Generations ago, we were a group of traders, dealing in fine fabrics. A few seasons down, we grew to be manufacturers. Soon, the newer, urbane and modern generation brought in new fashion-forward sensibility to our manufacturing units. Thus, combining contemporary designs with our inherited standards of quality, we bring you Equinox, our fashion label, made by and made for, the young, the driven and the passionate.

Aequi (Equal),
Nox (Night)

The night leads to day, the winter melts into summer, the spring blooms autumn. The ferver, the excitement of natural change is what inspires Equinox. Capturing the thrills of new beginnings, our collections resonates with nature’s changing ways. Our styles are also driven by innate intuition wherin colors, patterns and cuts just pop and capture our imagination. While no style is the same, each is meant to excite and inspire.

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If it looks good, it must feel good. Our origins as traders and manufacturers of fine fabrics and shirts, have allowed us to be the yardstick of quality. An in-house manufacturing unit allows us to ensure the best quality with every item and our maverick fashion savants know just how to strike the right balance in fashion and affordability.

Ethos &

Our people are our family. Everyone is self motivated to pitch in and get started daily. With ownership and autonomy in the forefront, there are no typical bosses around here. We don’t see gender or color (save on the apparels), we only see energy and passion. We are people who have the drive to get things done, the troublemakers and the pot-stirrers.

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